Top 10 Free Live Wallpaper Apps for Android-

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Hey, friends today we are going to discuss about Top 10 Free Live Wallpaper Apps For Android. Of course you all want that your mobile look different from the other.


If you want exactly and want to personalize your mobile phone, downloading a free live wallpaper app will be a good choice.


Top 10 Free Live Wallpaper Apps for Android –

Top 10 Free Live Wallpaper Apps for Android

Live wallpaper is obviously more attractive and popular. Next, I will recommend ten best and most highly rated Android live wallpaper apps in 2019, read on, there will always be one for you.


1. BETTA Fish Live Wallpaper FREE –


BETTA Fish (Fighter fish) is a 3D Live Wallpaper FREE. If you like aquarium fishes or beautiful colors this is wallpaper for YOU. Betta fishes have many types of shape, colors, details. This wallpaper has many options (in full version) to change fish colors, details, lights, background colors.


Betta Fish
Betta Fish
Price: Free



I create it because I can’t have live aquarium :(. I like see beautiful betta fish colors, shapes and move. Fish swim to color dot. If you tap and move finger on screen, you may ‘block’ fish. This wallpaper is for phones, but works on tablets too.


2. NEOLINE Live Wallpaper FREE –



NEOLINE is a 3D Live Wallpaper. See the complex world inside the CPU 🙂 Fast data traffic. Complex connections. Or think about neuron connections 🙂 imagination is unlimited!


Price: Free


The wallpaper saves the battery, it’s enough that you choose a black background. It looks great on OLED displays, but not only. Works on phones and tablets.


3. Live Storm Free Wallpaper –


Live Storm Free Wallpaper
Live Storm Free Wallpaper
Developer: Teragon
Price: Free


Live Storm live wallpaper features a spectacular thunderstorm sky with moving clouds, rain, and occasional lightning. When you swipe to change home screens.

the scene moves with parallax effect to simulate 3D space. This is our latest addition to the Skies series, so if you have feedback or ideas, do send us an email!


Key Features of Live Storm Wallpapers –


  • Choose a sky color from a collection of themes that suits your taste. Currently available: silver, violet, and classy black & white. We are constantly adding other themes to the Pro version.
  • Choose from a variety of hill scenes: different trees and windmills
  • Touch the screen to create lightning
  • Make the phone vibrate when lightning
  • Use accelerometer to change the direction of the rain drop when you tilt your phone
  • Customize lightning and rain
  • Customize the trees, and the animals
  • Customize the windmills, or add interaction to them


4. 3D Wallpapers –


3D -Hintergrundbilder HD
3D -Hintergrundbilder HD
Developer: Wallpapers4K
Price: Free


3D Wallpapers, Just one click and the most realistic and beautiful wallpapers will appear on screen of your mobile device. Do not delay any longer, the biggest base of 3D wallpapers in the largest possible 4K resolution is prepared specifically for you! In addition, 3D wallpapers in 4k resolution it’s also:


Key features of 3D Wallpapers –


  • Changing wallpaper with just one click
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Ability to freely crop our chosen modern wallpaper
  • Daily updates of digital wallpapers
  • Ability to save the wallpaper to the device memory
  • “Favourite” option for the most interesting wallpapers according to you
  • Share selected backgrounds with your friends via social accounts, MMS or email Application free of charge.


5. Magic Fluids Free-


Magic Fluids is a relaxing, colourful drawing app that will help you calm down and relieve stress, or be creative and make aesthetic digital art.


Magic Fluids Lite - fluid sim
Magic Fluids Lite - fluid sim



It is based on algorithms of fluid flow simulation and features fluid (pun intended!), beautiful graphics. It is the best time waster!


TOUCH THE SCREEN and enjoy hypnotizing motion of fluid swirls moving around, sometimes slow, quiet and elegant, other times dynamic, satisfying and trippy.


Key features of Magic Fluids –


  •  Highly configurable fluid behaviour and look
  • Over 30 configuration presets – if you’re lazy
  • You can save your own presets
  • Multitouch controls
  • Smoke (gas) and water (liquid) animation
  • Thousands of particles moving with the fluid
  • Multiple color modes
  • Special effects like glow and textures
  • You can pause the animation anytime and save screenshots
  • You can use Magic Fluids as a regular app or as a Live Wallpaper
  • Highly optimized, multiple quality settings for wide range of devices .


6. AMOLED Live Wallpaper FREE –



Price: Free


AMOLED Live Absolutely awesome! Amazing detail, seamless waves with no dropped frames. Waves respond to your touch. 100% worth the purchase! Customizable! I will always have this live wallpaper app as my default home and lock screens for all my future phones!


7. BETTA Fish 3D Free –


BETTA Fish 3D is a 3D live wallpaper that mimics the actual famous betta fish, the Siamese fighting fish. Betta Fish 3D is developed in a way that imitating exquisite photography of famous betta fish in aquarium tank. With 6 different betta fish variations and background color options for customizations, Betta Fish 3D is livelier and more exciting for a live wallpaper.


Betta Fish 3D Lite
Betta Fish 3D Lite
Developer: Kision Lab
Price: Free


Betta Fish 3D is also designed to match fish color and background color, thus creating a phenomenal, state-of-art scene. In addition, Betta Fish 3D features silky smooth animation, while conversing your device battery at the same time.


8. Water Garden Live Wallpaper –


Water Garden Live Wallpaper Is a Marvelous 3D live wallpaper that instantly reshapes your mobile screen into an incredibly beautiful, ultra-realistic water pond full of spiritual koi fish!


Water Garden Live Wallpaper
Water Garden Live Wallpaper


Use finger gestures to create stunning, velvet smooth water ripples and water waves that are unbelievably true! Watch adorable koi fish happily exploring your pond! Feed or tease these naughty koi fish with your fingers to make them happier!


Choose among a rich set of fantastic natural scenes, almost every pixel has been polished deliberately just for your amusement! A store full of magic items and advanced features makes it possible to personalize your water garden almost in any way you’d like.


9. 3D Nature Deer Live Wallpaper-


3D Nature Deer Live Wallpaper
3D Nature Deer Live Wallpaper

Key Features of 3D Nature Deer Wallpaper-


  • 3D live wallpaper is animated live wallpaper
  • you can download 3d natural theme from 3d nature wallpaper app
  • 3D natural live wallpaper supports HD mobiles
  • 3D nature wallpaper hd contain high resolution
  • Complement your screen with awesome backgrounds with 3d nature wallpaper live free
  • 3D nature wallpaper live
  • 3D nature deer live wallpaper with beautiful flower
  • 3D HD live wallpaper in nature and animals and birds and forest


10. Flaming Skull Live Wallpaper for Free –


The Flaming skull style live wallpaper has a huge theme store. We provide you more than 1000 stylish live wallpaper themes! With various styles, you can choose your favorite one anytime and anywhere. Don’t hesitate to download this live wallpaper.


Flaming Skull Live Wallpaper
Flaming Skull Live Wallpaper
Developer: LivePixFun
Price: Free


With this Flaming skull style live wallpaper, you can touch screen to get moving effect Try this Flaming skull live wallpaper, your screen can be unique and special!
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