5 PUBG Tips And Tricks To Get Chicken Dinner –

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Hey ! Let start to talk about 5 PUBG Tips And Tricks To Get Chicken Dinner, Now a day internet craze is increasing day by day. Young people, what kids and the elderly are now under arrest today.


Remember 20 years ago that kids used to be crazy about outdoor games, but it’s all over after the Internet. As well as a few games are extinct.



Everybody is carrying this smartphone with him today. With entertainment and gaming, we have features that we’re addicted to. Currently, the game that’s crazy can be PUBG!


There is hardly a smartphone user that won’t be aware of this fantastic game. We have often heard young people at intersections discussing the game. You might have seen that too.


Actually, everyone wants to be a master of the game, but it ‘s not that easy. Now that this is not easy, we have brought great tips on this, which you can hit at your opponents’ sixes.

5 PUBG Tips And Tricks To Get Chicken Dinner-


5 PUBG Tips And Tricks To Get Chicken Dinner

This game is famous for almost every gaming platform, whether it is a computer or a mobile. Play this cervical game alone or with friends. Playwright only needs practice and certain things to be kept in mind.


It’s often a good idea to play the game, but some key points fail to eat the chicken dinner due to neglect. Follow the important tips we give you and you can definitely increase your fort and increase your chance of chicken dinner.


 1.  Costume consideration


The costume plays an important role in the field of corrosion. You get a lot of costume options in this game. However, you must be careful when you use them.


Especially bright colors need to be avoided, or you can easily fall into the eyes of your enemies and you’re all set. In pubg, users can get a variety of costume and accessories in addition to hats, caps, shirts, t-shirts, jackets, paints, jeans, shoes, boots.


Most of them are pretty colorful costume. Some players think that they will feel tremendous when they’re wearing them. But, they forget that such costume do not help hide the players. The costume holder should be careful not to be visible in the forest or in the desert.


 2.  Choose right way firing mode-


This player will know that auto-turn is an excellent option for close range shooting. However, if you fire in the distant range on orts mode, there are more chances that your target can easily be saved. This is why you should change your gun rate to test your shooting range.



The use of auto – mode for nearby shooting range and single – mode for distance is the most effective combination.


 3.  Running will tell your location


Make sure to focus on getting to an exact spot at a time of high speed, so you can easily track the performance of the other player by making the sound of running or playing the game.


Play the game as relaxed and as low as you can, so your enemy won’t detect your location or movement. Only fire when your target or entire team is shooting.


 4.  Never use vehicles at end time of game-


It’s good to be comfortable inside the circle with driving in Pubg. However, using it all the time also puts the player in trouble. This happens especially at the end of the game.


This is because we said above that you must play with silans or else you may suffer humiliation. If you take your car to the last moment of the game, the car voice will tell everyone to come and even your location.


 5.  Keep patience to take dropbox-


Good things come to those who wait, you too have heard the lines since your childhood. You are here to do that. Everyone wants to run behind dropbox in this game but more desperation proves fatal. Most players run behind this box in the game.


That’s because of the finest dropbox loot we’ve got. Whichever team reaches first, becomes the target for the rest of the teams. So, our advice is that you should always stand a little away from Dropbox and target the other team first. When you feel that your way is clean to go, you should head to the box next to it.


I hope friends you have understand these 5 PUBG Tips And Tricks To Get Chicken Dinner, and will follow these while playing PUBG to increases your chances of a chicken dinner.
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